UKFC fleet bulletin: 2014 Budget, penalties for killer drivers & Volkswagen’s electric van

2014 Budget FleetsTop Gear may have come to the end of its short series but it will be back again at the end of the year, and in the meantime you can rely on UK Fuel Cards Ltd to bring you the latest in automotive news, notify you of the latest developments in automotive technology and bring you anything and everything related to fleets! This week we discuss the 2014 budget and what it means for fleet motorists, whether or not the penalties for killer drivers are strict enough and the promise of Volkswagen’s new e-Load Up…


New route planning and ePOD app

TranSend, the mobile business applications company, has developed a new app that combines route planning with electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) to help fleets better manage their processes. A proof of delivery system enables fleet managers to keep on top of their drivers’ whereabouts and progress, while also working as a reassurance to customers awaiting delivery. Integrating route planning with ePOD will help managers determine any correlation between driving patterns and delivery speed. Is this something your fleet could benefit from?


GreenRoad drivers receive Fleet Elite status

GreenRoad, provider of a technology used by fleets to monitor driver performance and safety management, recently introduced their Fleet Elite programme to help identify the best drivers on the road. Drivers are awarded Fleet Elite status is they have demonstrated sustained excellence in driving performance and safety, and thanks to careful monitoring, it has been revealed that more than 4,500 drivers received Fleet Elite status last year. The programme is designed to reward drivers for their outstanding behaviour on the roads to encourage better drivers.


2014 Budget brings unwelcome rise in company car tax

The 2014 Budget brought both good and bad news for fleets, who welcomed the cancellation of an increase in fuel duty but feel less enthusiastic about the 2% rise company car tax rates for 2017/18. While this represents yet another tax for businesses and their employees, it highlights the importance of fleets to choose vehicles that are both fuel efficient and boast low road tax figures, which means opting for economical vehicles with lowest CO2 emissions. Our fuel cards can provide you with the data to investigate where you could begin to cut costs further.


4 in 5 support tougher penalties for killer drivers

Road safety charity Brake has released figures from their latest poll that reveal 82% of respondents think sentences should be higher for drivers involved in fatal accidents, in light of their campaign calling for tougher charges and penalties for drivers who kill and injure. The support for such severe punishment is surprisingly overwhelming, as 66% believe those who are responsible for killing other road users or pedestrians when speeding should receive five or more years in prison. The report shows that the majority do not believe justice is carried out for victims’ families and that more should be done to deter dangerous driving. How well do your drivers behave on the roads? Have you any way of monitoring their driving behaviour?


Volkswagen’s new electric van

After the success of VW’s small electric car, the e-Up, Volkswagen is now in the process of developing an e-van. It’s only been a few weeks since the little electric car e-Up was first brought to UK showrooms, but Volkswagen is already researching into the potential of electric mobility for vans. The e-Load Up will be ideal for businesses operating in big city locations where usage is below 100 miles and locations that are considering keeping their air zones as clean as possible. It is thought the e-Load Up will be of a similar shape and size to the e-Up, also a five door vehicle, but will still be able to accommodate a sizeable load and travel up to 100 miles on a single nine-hour charge.


Latest cycle safety campaign

After the success of the cycle safety campaign that ran in London last spring, the campaign will now be launched in five other cities including Leeds and Manchester. The campaign is designed to improve safety for cyclists and features eye-catching outdoor posters warning motorists and cyclists to look out for one another. Last year, two-thirds of drivers agreed that the campaign reminded them of the importance of looking out for cyclists, and with more than £278m made available by the government to tackle dangerous roads and achieve safer cycling, we hope that significant improvements will be made in the near future.


1 in 8 motorists claim their steering is off

Do any of your fleet drivers complain that the steering on their car pulls to one side or the other? Research recently carried out for Kwik-Fit surveying 2,024 adults revealed that one in eight drivers claim that their steering is pulling to one side, which, if representative of the wider British public, means that almost four million motorists are having trouble with their steering. This just highlights how important it is to maintain a constant communication with your drivers and to carry out regular maintenance checks on all fleet vehicles. If a vehicle is pulling to one side it could mean that something is seriously wrong, and the driver and other road users could be at risk.


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