UK Fuel Cards FAQs

If you have a question about fuel cards, you might be able to find the answer here. If not, remember that you can use the live chat facility by clicking the link at the top of this page, or by contacting us. For help understanding any terms, we have a glossary so you’ll never be left figuring out any complicated jargon.

How much and how often are card charges?

Fuel cards are free for the first year.  After this time, you will be charged a modest annual fee of £15 per card to cover production, issuing and administration costs.  This fee is lower than most other fuel card companies.

Why should I choose UK Fuel Cards as opposed to other fuel card companies

Quite simply we feel we give the best service around. Take a look at our customer feedback here.

Am I contracted to use the cards?

No. You can stop using the cards or cancel your account at any time.

How long are cards valid for?

Cards are valid for different lengths of time from date of issue dependant on fuel card brand. Each card has an expiry date. When it is close to your expiry date we will be in touch with you regarding their renewal.

How do I apply for a fuel card account?

Apply on our website or call us on 01270 655 084 to speak to a someone in our Burnley fuel card office. Or call 01289 30 44 44 to speak to an advisor from our Berwick-Upon-Tweed office.

Do I have to give you a deposit to apply for a fuel card?

No. We pass over 70% of fuel card applications without the need for a deposit. If you are unlucky enough not meet our credit criteria, we may ask you for a modest, temporary deposit – which is better than a flat refusal which most other fuel card companies seem happy to do. We aim to help more companies get fuel cards. Visit our fuel card deposit account page for more details.

Can I use my fuel card in Europe?

We can offer you an EDC card (European Diesel Card) to use on the continent. Please see the European Diesel Card page for more information.

Are there any hidden charges?

None whatsoever. Some fuel card companies charge you for low / non usage. We do not. The only charges on your account will be for the fuel you purchase, hardcopy paper invoices (email ones are free), annual card charges after one year and zero liability insurance (Guardcard) if you do not choose to opt out of the cover.

Are there any set up fees?


I can’t get credit. Can I still have a fuel card?

Probably, yes! Visit our deposit account page for more details.

How much do I need to spend on fuel to apply for a fuel card?

The average minimum spend is £200 per month in order to apply for fuel cards.

Who can apply for fuel cards?

All UK companies and private individuals.

Am I charged for spending under £200 per month?

Not at all. However if your usage regularly drops below this threshold, it may not be sustainable for us to keep your account open, in which case we will contact you. We do not currently charge extra for low usage or to cancel your account.

I have received new fuel cards – do I have to call you to activate them?

No; once you have received your fuel cards, they are active and ready to be used. You might need to wait a day or so to receive your PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) first, which will be sent separately.

I use thousands of litres of diesel each month. Isn’t it cheaper to buy in bulk?

Not always! If you order a tanker to fill up your on-site tank each month, and the market price for diesel subsequently drops in the following weeks, you may find that using a fuel card to buy your fuel often provides a more competitive option.

Why should I use a fuel card instead of cash, debit cards or credit cards?

There are a number of reasons, but some of the most useful benefits our customers see include:
Security, as fuel cards can be much safer.
HMRC approved invoicing for easy VAT reclaims.
Credit facilities (subject to status), allowing you to delay payment for up to 7 days, interest free.
For other reasons, have a look at our Benefits page.

Can I have the mileage of the vehicle reported to me?

Yes. When your drivers refuel using our fuel cards, ask them to give the mileage reading to the cashier, who will input it in to the system. We will then print this on your weekly management report. At automated terminals (pay at pump) the driver is usually given the option to tap in the mileage on the keypad.

What credit terms do you offer.

This varies on a card by card basis and is reflected by the differing credit terms offered to us by the oil companies. We usually offer weekly terms and can offer up to 28 days credit. Monthly terms may be available on request. All credit is offered subject to status.

How do I use my fuel card?

The correct way to use a fuel card is as follows: Drive into the filling station and park by the pump you intend to use. Go into the kiosk and present your card to the cashier for validation and to check acceptance. Once approved, return to your vehicle and refuel. Then return to the kiosk to finalise the purchase and collect your card.

Where can I use my fuel cards?

With each fuel card, you should receive a free site directory. Site directories are usually on reprinted every one to two years. With filling station closures and new filling stations opening all the time, these can quickly become out of date. Contact us by email and we can send you the latest site listing in Microsoft Excel format. You can also download free sat nav files for the fastfuel and UK Fuels network by visiting our My Account page. Sat Nav files for other fuel networks are available; please contact us for details.

Can I manage my account online?

Yes you can! Click the My Account link at the top of any page to login or register.

How do I order new fuel cards?

Click the My Account link at the top of any page, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose card services. Or call us on 01270 500 400.

I have had a card stolen. What should I do?

Report it immediately. Call us on 01270 500 400 or click the card services section of the My Account page on our website. It may also be advisable to report it to the police and get a crime reference number.

Why should I choose a fuel card from UK Fuel Cards as opposed to another fuel card company?

We can think of dozens of reasons. Perhaps as a starting point you would like view our video and read through our page on the benefits.

What is Velocity?

Velocity is our online management tool. Once registered you can see all your active cards, allocate them into cost centres for internal reporting, see card transactions and run reports on your fuel consumption.

I have a sat nav; do you have files for these to direct me to the correct filling stations?

Certainly. On the My Account page you will find links to download UK Fuels and Fastfuel SatNav files for Garmin, NavMan and TomTom. If you need files for the Shell Service Stations, Esso Service Stations or the European Fuel Card (EDC) please contact us on 01270 500 400.

Can I get a copy of your Terms and Conditions?

Certainly, please contact us and we can send them to you.

What price will I pay for diesel?

Commercial rate cards – we aim to keep prices as competitive as possible compared to the national average retail pump price. Your current price is always available from us; if you need this please give us a call.

How often do your diesel prices change?

New prices come into effective each Monday and reflect changes in line with the spot market the previous week.

Why is the price on my invoice different to what was displayed at the filling station?

Commercial Rate cards – You are buying your fuel off UK Fuel Cards Limited, not off the filling station directly. Our cards offer a commercial rate based on the spot market. This is usually more favourable that the national average pump price under normal market conditions.

What price will I pay for good purchased other than diesel?

Commercial rate cards – Fuels other than diesel, lubricants and shop goods are surcharged. If you are a regular petrol user, it may be advisable to obtain a pump-priced card.

Are you on social networking sites?

Yes. Please like us on Facebook, send us a tweet on Twitter, follow us on Google+ and find us on LinkedIn! We’d love to hear from you.

What is “Guardcard”?

Guardcard is our optional ‘Zero Liability’ cover. Shortly after you open your account we will send you a letter to explain about the benefits of Guardcard and give you the option to opt-out of the service. Guardcard protects you against theft or loss by removing any liability for transactions made on a card after you notify us it has been lost or stolen. Without Guardcard you are liable for any subsequent transactions on that card for a period of up to 2 working days as per your terms and conditions. Guardcard is not a compulsory service, but if you choose to have Guardcard there is a small monthly charge of £0.95p per card.

What are your Account Charges?

Please click here to see our current account charges.