Glossary of fuel card terms

We know that sometimes, other fuel card companies and associated petrol-heads can slip into using a lot of jargon. It’s no fun feeling as though you’re the only one who doesn’t know what the conversation is about, so we’ve created a glossary to keep you up to speed with all of the most relevant terms in the fuel card industry. This glossary will keep you ahead of the game, and you’ll know exactly what people are talking about when they want to adapt their LGV to using LPG but they’re not sure about the PPL cost…

Ad blue Ad Blue is the brand name for a clear, non-toxic, aqueous urea solution used to treat exhaust on modern clean diesel engines to reduce their harmful emissions. Outside of Europe it is often referred to as Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF).
Automated site Commonly referred to as ‘Pay-at-Pump’.  When related to a fuel card purchase, these are usually dedicatedHGV / bunker fuel lanes.
Bio-diesel Diesel manufactured from oil derived from crops or vegetable oil. Pure, non-blended biodiesel can be poured straight into the tank of any diesel vehicle. However 100% bio-diesel over the pumps is not readily available in the UK
Bulk A large order of diesel, usually delivered in a fuel tanker to a large volume user (e.g. a large haulage firm)
Bunker Sites Some fuel card networks are split into Bunker and Non-Bunker sites.  A Bunker site is much like a Core site, where you’ll benefit from lower prices when compared to those at Non-Bunker sites.
Bunkering The supply, delivery and storage of bulk commercial diesel.
Chip and pin Refers to the smart chip on a fuel card.  PIN refers to the Personal Identification Number required to authorise the card for purchase.
Core sites Some fuel card networks are split into Core and Non-Core sites.  Your will benefit from a lower price at the Core sites compared to the Non-Core sites.
Credit terms The number of days between the production of an invoice and the direct debit payment leaving your bank.  Varies dependent on card brand chosen.
CRT As in the ‘Shell CRT‘ card.  CRT stands for Commercial Road Transport.
Derv Derv is a British term used to refer to diesel oil used in cars and lorries with diesel engines. In general, the term is used to refer to any liquid fuel used in diesel engines. The acronym DERV stands for Diesel Engine Road Vehicle.
Drawings The number of litres you purchase / intend to purchase on your fuel card in any given period.
EDC The European Diesel Card is a fuel card that can be used across the UK and in Europe.   We can supply you with this; click here for more details and an overview of some of the benefits.
Esso Fleet Card Use an Esso Fleet Card for access to every Esso filling station.  Prices are pump related.  For details of this card please call us on 01270 655 084 or email us.
Esso Truck Card A commercial priced fuel card, with access to every Esso site.  Click here for more information on this card.
Fastfuel A brand name for a fuel card incorporating most Texaco Filling Stations and every UK Fuels Site.  We offer this fuel card with unrivalled customer services – click here for more details.
Filling station A place to use your fuel card – often referred to as a ‘site’, ‘service station’ or ‘garage’.
Forecourt In architecture, a forecourt is an open area in front of a structure’s entrance.   Relating to a filling station, a forecourt is the area where you refuel.
Fuel card A fuel card is used as a payment card most commonly for diesel, petrol and lubricants at filling stations and holds a number of benefits over traditional payment methods such as credit or debit cards.
Gas oil Agricultural diesel, also referred to as ‘Red Diesel’, for use in tractors, agricultural machinery and some refrigerated vehicles.  It is available to purchase on fuel cards at participating sites.
HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
HMRC Stands for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom.  It is a non-ministerial department of the UK Government responsible for the collection of taxes and the payment of some forms of state support.
LCV Light Commercial Vehicle
LGV Large Goods Vehicle
LPG LPG is an abbreviation for liquid petroleum gas currently used by some specially adapted vehicles.  It is available to purchase on fuel cards at participating sites.
Lube oil Any lubricant, i.e. engine oil.  Lubricants are permitted to be purchased on fuel cards.
Management report A weekly report that itemises all your fuel card transactions.
MWSAs Motorway Service Station Areas
National Average This relates to the National Average Retail Diesel Pump Price.
Network The number and location of filling stations / sites available on a particular fuel card.
Non-Bunker Sites Some cards will give you a better price if you use them at the Bunker-Sites.  Non-Bunker site drawings usually incur a surcharge.
Non-Core Sites Much like Non-Bunker Sites, drawing fuel at Non-Core sites may incur a surcharge on some cards. For the best prices, try to use your fuel cards at Core-Sites.
PPL Pence Per Litre
Pump Price The pump price displayed on the forecourt on any given day.
Red Diesel Also known as ‘Gas Oil’, red diesel is for use in tractors, agricultural machinery and some refrigerated vehicles. Gas oil can be bought on fuel cards where available.
Reward Points Some fuel cards offer reward points when you refuel.  As a guide commercial rate fuel cards tend not to offer reward points, however this can be down to the discretion of individual filling stations.  If you wish to collect reward points, you may be better going for a fuel cards that offer a pump related price.
Sat Nav Short for a Satellite Navigation System.  Using a sat nav in conjunction with your fuel cards will help you reduce dead mileage by pin-pointing sites that accept your fuel cards.
Shell Fleet Card A fuel card with access to every Shell site, with a price related to the pump price, rather than a commercial rate.  Please get in touch on 01270 655 084 or email us if you wish to find out more about our pump related priced cards.
Site Directory A physical book with a listing and directions to each participating filling station listed for your fuel card.  These are sent to you at the same time as we despatch your new fuel cards, and new copies can be ordered by contacting us.
Site Locator Our online site locator service, for each fuel card network.  Visit the relevant fuel card page to use this facility.
Smartcard A fuel card with a smart chip that can have service restrictions applied to work only at certain times or locations. See also Chip & PIN.
Temporary Deposit Account We accept over 70% of fuel card applications, so you probably wont need to supply us with a deposit, but if you do, deposits are held on a temporary basis and we review accounts every six months. Temporary Deposit Accounts enable those with poor credit to get fuel cards when they otherwise might not be able to.
UK Fuels Network The fastest growing fuel card network of its kind.  The UK Fuels card is accepted at almost 1,100 filling stations comprising of independently owned sites, plus selected Moto MWSA’s, and all Morrison’s Supermarket filling stations.
VAT VAT = Value added tax, typically charged at 20%. You may be eligible for VAT refunds on some fuel purchases if you have supporting documentation and meet some conditions.
VAT Approved Our weekly account statements are fully VAT approved.  No need to worry about lost receipts any longer; claim back all the VAT your company is owed with our HMRC approved reports.
Volume The number of litres you purchase / intend to purchase on your fuel card in any given period.

Come across another term that isn’t covered here? Contact us and we’ll clear up any fuel card-related confusion.