Fuel Card Benefits

Different card types / brands have different fuel card benefits. Some offer pump prices and many offer commercial rates, but regardless of the unit price you pay for your diesel, there are a whole host of other fuel card benefits you can take advantage of by having an account with UK Fuel Cards Limited.

All of the solutions we provide have these outstanding fuel card benefits:

  • PIN enabled for added security.
  • Tailor cards to your vehicle, fleet number and driver and restrict card purchases (diesel only, diesel & oil, all fuel & oil)
  • Convenient real-time fuel management online – view your transactions per vehicle, create your own fuel reports, order cards & more.
  • E-billing – the UK Fuels card invoices are conveniently sent via email.
  • Claim back your VAT easily with HMRC approved weekly invoices.
  • Free cards for the first year if you enquire / apply online and no joining fee or other annual charges.
  • Industry leading customer service to make sure you always get the best out of your fuel card account.


Fuel cards are far safer than carrying cash, debit or credit cards around and help combat driver fraud. If you lose cash or a credit card, these can be picked up and used wherever. Although unauthorised credit card purchases are often insured, it’s usually a long, drawn out process trying to organise a claim. You may never have a trust issue with your drivers, however you can never be too careful. Drivers given cash, credit or debit cards can easily use them to pay for their personal purchases and ‘lost’ receipts for business fuel expenses are often not necessarily so. Fuel cards can also be printed with the registration number of the vehicle that uses the card – a deterrent to drivers filling up their own vehicles. They can even be restricted to particular fuel products if need be.

Combat drivers’ dead mileage

Another instance of driver fraud. Could your drivers be travelling out of their way to collect tokens, vouchers, points or other freebies at certain filling stations when they need to refuel? They could be costing you company time, additional mileage on the vehicle and extra fuel. Fuel cards usually restrict drivers to a particular network. With hundreds of sites still to choose from there is an ample number of filling stations en-route, but fuel cards help to restrict dead mileage – forcing drivers to refuel where it suits your company best, not them.

Cast Iron VAT Reclaim

Over a quarter of mileage claims without a fuel card are without a valid receipt, fact! If you don’t have a receipt, or your driver loses one, you can’t reclaim your VAT and at 20% that’s going to hurt. With our fuel cards, you will receive a fully VAT-approved management report and invoice per billing period, detailing every single transaction. This ensures you can claim back every penny of the VAT you are owed.

Save Time (and time is money)

We all know the hours spent on paperwork can be best spent doing other things, like trying to run your business! Our VAT-approved management reports take the hassle of matching up receipts to bank/credit card statements or trying to balance the petty cash tin. Accountant friendly, these reports are free. You can even see historical ones online through our account management tool, so if you ever lose one, login, click, print, job done!

Credit Facility

Why pay for fuel now? Each card’s credit terms vary slightly (down to varying terms offered to us by the oil companies), but our cards can offer up to 28 days credit, interest free as standard. All helping to improve your company’s cash-flow.

Exceptional Customer Services

Every single customer will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager, who will be in touch as regularly or as infrequently as you like. They will ensure you receive what we consider to be the best Customer Service in the industry. You can also manage your account online. So if you need to order additional cards, request more site directories or have a chat about anything (fuel related of course), we are just a click or a phone call away! Plus our impressive online account management software, which is free to use, leaves the competition standing and offers comprehensive transaction management.

So why UK Fuel cards? Watch our video to find out why we’re better, then have a look around our site to choose the best fuel card for you.

Of course if you want to speak to a human being, call us on 01270 655 084.