Energy Saving Trust gives fuel cards its backing

Energy Saving TrustThe Energy Saving Trust, an organisation established with the aim of helping individuals to reduce their carbon emissions and energy consumption figures, has urged fleet managers to start using fuel cards.


With an ever-increasing onus on small business to save money as well as reduce fuel consumption, the EST has released a guide detailing how fuel cards can be advantageous for companies looking to do so.


‘Fuel cards provide significant benefits for businesses’ said Energy Saving Trust’s spokesman Ian Featherstone.


‘They remove the need for time-consuming expenses claims and are more secure than conventional payment methods because they can be embossed with the driver’s name, the registration of the vehicle and the company name.’


‘Many organisations believe that fuel cards can only be implemented when employees’ personal fuel costs are paid by the business. However, this is not the case, and indeed free private fuel is rarely cost-effective for either the employee or its drivers.’


EST’s backing of fuel cards works to highlight the growing belief among fleet managers that the fuel payment solution is easier, more economical and more secure than cash or credit card payments.