Fleet managers struggle with admin burden, survey shows

Fleet managers stressedA new survey has revealed that 98% of SME fleet managers have to juggle fleet management with other responsibilities, with the administrative burden increasing each year for many of these individuals.


The survey, carried out by the RAC, showed that 61% of fleet managers were performing other, general management tasks, 53% were helping out with finance, 40% also dealt with sales, HR and marketing, with a third having to carry out business admin tasks. This leaves fleet managers with less time to concentrate on managing their fleets, with key tasks such as fleet maintenance and fuel card management potentially put on the back burner.


Managers of fleets comprising 10-50 vehicles have it hardest, with half of those surveyed saying they were stressed, and 6% saying that they were very stressed. The admin burden associated with managing the fleet vehicles has increased for a quarter of fleet managers over the past year. A third of this number said that it was because of increased paperwork, while 28% stated that the increase had arisen because of an increased number of fleet vehicles.


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