Fuel Card News – 27% of fuel card customers ‘unhappy’ with levels of service

A recent study has revealed that a shocking 27% of all fuel card customers are unhappy with the level of service that they’re being provided with.

Research analysts Datamonitor have revealed that fleet managers would like to see improved detail in their consumption figures as well as speedier access to their account management services.

The same study also revealed how fleets are benefitting from the security features and reduced admin costs provided by fuel cards, but the most telling statistic is the quarter of customers who are still expecting an improved quality of service from their fuel-card providers.

Managing Director of UK Fuel Cards Limited Sean Dwyer thinks that the statistic is proof enough that the fuel card sector needs to up its game in the years to come.

‘It is quite a shocking statistic really, and it clearly indicates that we’ve all got work to do if we want to keep all of our customers happy’.

‘We always strive to keep our services as streamlined as possible, and the recent revamp to our website should mean that our customers can navigate their account more quickly and easily than ever before.’

‘Our services are improving all the time, and we always keep an ear to the ground for market information and trends like these to help us make the changes our customers would like to see’.

The vast majority of our customers are happy with our service, due to the level of care we give our customers right from the first contact?  Check out our  Google+ reviews  to see what we mean.



About the Author

Mark is a born and bred ‘Berwicker’ and has been in the industry for over 8 years. He joined Fuel Card Express at the age of 19 and became part of UK Fuel Cards Ltd when the two Companies merged on April 2011. Originally leading a team of just three in its infancy, the Berwick office has gone from strength to strength, tripling the team size and is on the look for additional heads once more.